Rubber and Plastic Profiles


Aluminium is a sturdy, heat-resistant and durable product that is used on many sectors. It is also used widely on both exterior and interior applications of buildings.

We use EPDM profiles to maintain impermeability of windows and frames. These profiles provide durable and energy saving impermeability.

We produce exterior, interior and middle mouldings for every kind of window frames.

Profiles which we produce are responsive to the national and international gasket standarts. Our profiles can be used for long years without being affected by temperatures between -40°C and +120°C.

EPDM profiles which we use for impermeability of windows are produced in the same class of TS 7510 and DIN 7863 norms.



After intake of the order which is specified by the technical drawings, we create the tool to make the lining. Then we test the tool in our extrusion lines. When we meet the required dimensions and tolerances we create a sample for you. After sending the sample with it’s report, with your approval we continue the production according to the order in our production lines. Then we pack the products according to your specified packaging; or with our determined packaging to prevent any deformation specifically for the product.


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