Rubber and Plastic Profiles



With the confidence gained from 50 years of experience in Rubber and Plastic Industry, Jefleks has been established in Istanbul, Turkey. In a very short period of time Jefleks has become an expert in the production of rubber profiles, sponge profiles, co-extruded profiles, and PVC-TPE profiles.

Jefleks is aware of the sensitivity and tough requirements of building and automative industry and in order to fulfill these requirements, a higher level of technology is being used in our new manufacturing plant.

With following the recent developments in the technology and adapting itself to new machinery technologies, Jefleks’ main objective is to maintain it’s leading position in the Rubber Industry and due to this fact it has increased and diversified it’s product range in it’s new 3.500 m2 manufacturing plant located in Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone.

Jefleks’ production for all product range are in compliance with standarts DIN EN: ISO 9001:2000.

Our Products

Automotive profiles, Sponge profiles, Clamp profiles, Rubber profiles, PVC – TPE profiles and Silicone profiles

Types of Raw Materials Used

EPDM, PVC, TPE and Silicone